• BULVAR 216
  • BULVAR 216
  • BULVAR 216


41,000 Sq. M



Located on the Asian side of the city, Bulvar 216 is situated in one of the most important trade and financial centres in Istanbul. The lower part of the building degrades from bottom to top, harmonizing with the distinctive slope of the streets surrounding the building.
The terraces gradually retreat to the western side from the residential project in the east, and also to the northern side from Atasehir Boulevard in the south, creating open spaces, which benefit from direct sunlight during the day.
The glass reinforced concrete parapet, designed in ever-changing sections, surrounds the terraces like white ribbons. These white ribbons bring an additional dimension to the building, forming light games on their surfaces. The retreating terraces reflect and complement the adjacent park, flowing the green texture into the project.